Friday, July 19, 2013

Picture Perfect by Lucie Simone

Skeptic scale: Unf 

I didn't hate it. Writing was good. I kind of liked the h. She is a big shot Hollywood producer who has a roller coaster of scandal going on in her private life. In the midst of an Hollywood-style divorce with her husband, she meets this nice, up and coming star who she needs to cast in the latest big time movie.

My main problem with this (and granted I only read a third of the way in) was that I found the H just too weird. He's supposed to be a rising It Man in Hollywood. He is quirky and offbeat and waaaaaay too young. He behaves like a little boy in love for the first time. And call me a tard for getting too "real" with my involvement in what is essentially a fantasy, but I just don't buy the HEA when anyone from Hollywood is involved. I mean, you're essentially asking me to suspend disbelief in the (heavily botoxed) face of OVERWHELMING evidence that there IS no such thing as HEA in Hollywood. Skeptical much? 

I don't think I'll be finishing it. Not really because it was a terrible book, I'm sure if I stuck with it it would be sweet. But I can't do it. Hollywood theme is a no-no for me. It was my own fault for not reading the blurb before picking this up.

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