Friday, July 26, 2013

Dudes in England Will Now Deal With Our Main Girl Jane Austen on a Daily Basis, And They'll LIKE IT

This is why I love the UK so much. My girl Jane Austen is going to be on MONEY now.

Can you see what else is printed on this mock up 10 pound bank note? "I declare after all there is no employment like reading." Who puts that on MONEY?? The les Anglais do, that's who. I salute you, you crazy geniuses. 

Now I will love money even more than I already do. Ausome.

This is the cool article from the BBC which talks about the campaign to get more women on banknotes.


  1. Oh Jane, I love you so...

  2. I'm a British "Dude" and I actually rather like Austen. I haven't read all her books, but I thought P&P was pretty good. It's a bit overdone now - FAR too many movies, tv programs, offshoot books based on the book, in my opinion. But the book itself was good.


  3. C.W. - you know how I know you really are a "dude"?? Because you rather "like" Jane. I cannot imagine a girl only liking her. We LOVE her. And the book wasn't good. It was AMAZEBALLS. And P&P can NEVER be OVERDONE. You crazy cat, you ;)

    1. ;) Happy to be identified so easily!