Sunday, September 1, 2013

Her Favorite Temptation by Sarah Mayberry

Skeptic scale: ♥♥♥♥

Confession: I think I am addicted to Sarah Mayberry. 

I can't stop reading her books! I finish one and barely give myself a second to catch my breath before I'm ready to attack the next one. This is reminding me of the Rachel Gibson binge of 2006. INSANITY.

Her Favorite Temptation was typical Mayberry genius. Two extremely lovable and awesome characters are facing significant personal challenges but who do it gracefully and become even MORE awesome in the process. 

And as usual I loved, loved, loved her Epilogue because it closed the loop on the way both h & H approached their personal demons and why they were so right for one another. I am constantly amazed by the way Ms. Mayberry manages to show friendship, caring and love AND show how each character is a "whole" person in themselves. They each have personal challenges, personal interests and ambitions and each is a fully realized person who manages to find a great fit with the other. I am really not a fan of characters who are shown as nothing more than almost-marrieds. Like they have no direction, interests, hobbies, passions etc except the other person. Ms. Mayberry NEVER does that to her characters. Kristan Higgins does an awesome job of writing characters that have a whole personality too and I went through a whole KH addiction phase too, I recall...

Oh man. I am just dreading the day I finish all her books. 

He: A musician who's one half of a popular band. He's in "hiding" from the world and his family because he's been given some terrible new about his health that leaves him feeling scared and unstable and he feels like he needs to withdraw from everything just to process his own feelings. He really likes her but is scared to really do anything about it because his own life hangs in such precarious balance.

She: A sweet, goofy doctor who lives next door to the H. She thinks he's a hot dish but doesn't recognize him for the rock star that he is. She has always been a good girl, always sucked up to her parents and worked hard in school and then work. But she's feeling stifled in both her job and her life. Then she meets this sweet, charming, smokin' dude who lives next door who encourages her to be brave. 

Conflict: *Spoiler ahead* After he undergoes the operation on his tumor, he realized he may have lost the use of his right hand - understandably a horribly difficult and traumatic event for anyone and even more so for someone who makes his living as a musician. He knows the next few months of rehabilitation are going to be intense and even though he loves her, he feels like he just can't put the h through that kind of situation - not when he feels so "unmanned" by his situation. The h meanwhile loves him but feels like she can't demand his attention and focus when he's going through such a difficult transition in his life. So they both hover about each other, in love, but uncertain whether they should really just go for it. 

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