Saturday, June 22, 2013

You Only Love Twice by Lori Wilde

Skeptic scale: 

He: NCIS investigator and former SEAL is running surveillance on his neighbor who is suspected of being mixed up in some sort of political intrigue involving terrorism and secret Navy conspiracies 

She: Illustrator of the comic series featuring Angelina Avenger, sassy crime-fighting superhero, and the h's alter ego

Conflict: Oh, the tangled web of deceit and subterfuge! I can't go through the exact conflict or I'll give away the whole plot but I will say that there are many twists and turns including the following:
a) An accusation of treason that involves state secrets about weapons and terrorists
b) A hit man who is looking to cap the h in her pretty little head
c) A high speed car chase where, despite getting shot at and almost killed, both H&h are overcome by the need for sexy-times. Um, duh!... wouldn't YOU?

The goods:
1) The character development of both H&h was pretty good. I liked how the h would have full conversations with her alter ego, and how Angelina, the super hero would goad the h into doing brave/reckless things.

2) The conversation was fun and flirty and the build up was nicely paced

The weirds:
1) There is a point where it seems as though the h's mom has been killed by the baddies. It was extremely weird to see how she manages to get turned on and wanting to jump the H's bones THAT SAME EVENING. Show some respect, woman! I mean, you can control yourselves for ONE evening, right? Not even to mourn the passing of the woman who gave birth to you?

2) There was a whole "Bourne Identity"-like set up with terrorists, corrupt government representatives, conspiracy theories that turn out to be real - but then the end is a neat little package where everyone is connected to everyone else and all the baddies were horrible and all the goodies, self-sacrificing saints. 

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