Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Express Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

Skeptic scale: ♥♥♥

She: Marnie is a piano teacher with a nice, tidy life which gets turned upside down when she is mistaken for someone else. That someone else happens to be a legendary spy who is believed to have gone rogue and is now wanted by this top secret government agency for questioning. There are a bunch of bad guys out there who also mistake Marnie for being the secret agent lady and once they realize Marnie isn't their girl, the agency decides to use Marnie as bait to capture the baddies.

He: Noah is a senior agent with this top secret outfit who has the task of taking care of Marnie while she undertakes this dangerous mission of baiting the baddies out of hiding.

Conflict: Noah is attracted to Marnie, but he's not really sure if it's her he likes or the fact that he had had relations with the woman who looked like her. It's her. Obviously, it's her because she's sweet and nice and strong-minded and all that good stuff. Marnie is into it, but Noah blows hot and cold so she doesn't really know what to think. She's a little insecure because she gets the feeling that he might actually have feelings for that other girl who looks like her.

I wouldn't say this was a life-altering book or anything. But it was definitely a fun, quick read that had a bit of everything - interesting side characters, properly fleshed out personalities of both Noah and Marnie, a believable build-up of chemistry and sexual tension.  

These are the hardest reviews to write because there was nothing WRONG with the book. It amused, entertained and was pretty touching at times. It was just story I feel like I have read before. Big alpha boy secret agent taking care of a wittle lady who's being hounded by baddies...Not that she comes across as weak. No. It's just that after all the description about the spy everyone mistook Marnie for - I  kinda wanted to read about a love story about that woman! Now SHE sounded fun. Bad@ss girl secret agent who was the best of the best in her field. Everyone feared and admired her skills? She sounded awesome. Marnie was just a regular Jane compared to her so it was kind of a meh in comparison.

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