Monday, April 8, 2013

Damsel in This Dress by Marianne Stillings

Cover of: The damsel in this dress by Marianne Stillings

Skeptic scale: ♥♥♥♥

Fairly typical, not-so-mysterious-stalker mystery, but who the hell cares? It was cute and well-written and generally a good time read. MS is a fun, fun, fun writer. Quick, snappy banter and some really silly situations that MS manages to make seem believable and charming.

He: Detective and writer of tough-guy crime novels whose literary efforts, despite earning him a large fan following, fail to make an agreeable impression on the h.

She: Editor of a small town paper who sometimes reviews books. She writes several harsh reviews of his books for her small readership to which he takes great umbrage.

Conflict: After a pugnacious back-and-forth over email over her unfavorable review of his latest book, H&h meet by chance at a writer's conference. Once they realize who the other is, each is predisposed to dislike the other - except for the pesky attraction buzzing between them. When it turns out she has stalker*, he sets aside his annoyance at her unfairly negative reviews and puts on his Protector hat and sets out to save the day, and the pretty lady. 

Sooo cheesy. But we love it.

*On that note, I must wonder why on earth so many contemporaries go with the Crazy Stalker plotline. I mean, how many stalkers can there possibly on earth? Any why are they all out to get these lovely, adorable ladies. least these chicks have a delicious detective to take care of them and keep them safe. Lucky them.

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