Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan

Skeptic scale: ♥♥♥

Dukes behaving badly. 

I didn't get this story. I felt like it was missing a whole middle part that would show why their love was real and compelling and worth it. It just felt abrupt and I think a lot of the mystification I felt was due to the fact that this was a novella so there was less time to really develop their interaction. I don't do well with novellas. I'm giving up on reading them because they just upset me.

He: The ambitious personal assistant of the dissolute Duke of Clermont. He is the son of a coal miner who is determined to make something of himself. Known as “The Wolf of Clermont,” he is the man the duke hires "to get things done, things that an ordinary man, fettered by a conscience, would not do." I thought it was quite interesting that the H wasn't the regular blackhearted lordly rogue we are so used to in historicals. He was of one of the "lesser" classes, as was the h. He was still obviously alpha dawg though, applying his influence on those of higher classes like a puppeteer. 

She: A governess who has been ruined by the duke and who is now carrying his child. She is determined to get recognition for what the duke has done and demands compensation.

Conflict: She wants the duke to recognize his error and pay for it. The H is charged by the duke with getting rid of her.

As I said, I was really quite befuddled by the plot. It seemed a bit light. So they are attracted to one another and he needs carry out the duke's wishes if he is going to get compensated and reach his own goals. 

*Warning - this next bit is spoilery, my apologies* 

But then he just marries her out of convenience? It's not really convenient for him actually. So he marries her out of love? So why act like it was convenience? The duke didn't seem like he would care what happened to her as long as she wasn't bothering him anymore. And then, H&h live apart, silently longing for one another until they just decide - to hell with it, let's just be married for reals? WHY? Why did they wait for so long? What new information did they learn while they were apart that made them come to this conclusion?? I just didn't get it. Meh.

*End of spoiler*

CM a good writer though. I've heard good things about the lady so maybe I just made a bad luck choice. I shall give her another go with one of her more popular, full length ones.

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